Oil & Gas Committee

Dear Neighbors,
The attached report/newsletter and maps are being provided to you as an informational update on the activities and findings of the CMRHOA Oil & Gas (O&G) Committee.
Currently, the economic health of Montezuma County relies on tax revenues derived from the underground recovery and pipeline transport of biomass gaseous resources (~60% of county receipts).  The county Commissioners have gone on record as favoring the exploration for and development of hydrocarbon-based and other resources to continue funding the growth of Montezuma County while minimizing environmental impacts (Resolution # 2-2015, “Resolution in Support of Renewable Energy”).  No mention is made of negative economic impacts to communities such as CMR or attempts to minimize them.
The O&G Committee has endeavored to analyze what impacts – addressed and unaddressed – might affect CMR property owners in current and proposed federal regulations and county policies and bring concerns to the attention of our neighbors and to officials when public comment is invited.
CMRHOA O&G Committee