Slash Collection Days May 27-30, June 3-5 and 10-12, 2016

Slash Collection Days May 27-30, June 3-5 and 10-12, 2016

Cedar Mesa Ranches Subdivision

May 27-30

June 3-5

The Cedar Mesa Ranches HOA and Firewise of Southwest Colorado are sponsoring collection days for wildfire mitigation slash removed from the lots in the subdivision on three weekends: Friday May 27 through Monday May 30; Friday June 3 through Sunday June 5; and Friday, June 10 through Sunday June 12, 2016. Subdivision residents can bring branches and logs cut for mitigation on their lots to the collection area on the above days. The slash will be burned in an air curtain burner the week of June 13. No construction debris or trash will be accepted.

Firewise of Southwest Colorado is paying for the burner cost of $700 per day. The HOA is asking for $2.00 per load of material to help build a wildfire mitigation fund to help the landowners in the subdivision treat their lots to reduce wildfire threat.

Material will be accepted at a designated area on Lot 19 at the end of the cul d’ sac on Road 35.4 from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM on the LISTED COLLECTION DAYS ONLY. Volunteers will assist in unloading slash in the designated area. Please unload ONLY in the designated area!

Thanks to Brian and Rebecca Bartlett for providing the slash collection area for this event! Volunteers to assist in unloading and directing traffic for 2-hour shifts are needed. Please contact Bruce Short (564-1596), Paul Ruatti (560-1413), or Diane Cherback (739-1704) to volunteer or for more information.

Oil & Gas Committee

Dear Neighbors,
The attached report/newsletter and maps are being provided to you as an informational update on the activities and findings of the CMRHOA Oil & Gas (O&G) Committee.
Currently, the economic health of Montezuma County relies on tax revenues derived from the underground recovery and pipeline transport of biomass gaseous resources (~60% of county receipts).  The county Commissioners have gone on record as favoring the exploration for and development of hydrocarbon-based and other resources to continue funding the growth of Montezuma County while minimizing environmental impacts (Resolution # 2-2015, “Resolution in Support of Renewable Energy”).  No mention is made of negative economic impacts to communities such as CMR or attempts to minimize them.
The O&G Committee has endeavored to analyze what impacts – addressed and unaddressed – might affect CMR property owners in current and proposed federal regulations and county policies and bring concerns to the attention of our neighbors and to officials when public comment is invited.
CMRHOA O&G Committee

Chimney Sweeping

The Hearth Shop at Slavens is offering a discount on Chimney Sweeping to residents of our subdivision. To receive this discounted rate, please call Corey or Dana at (970)565-8571 to schedule your sweep on Tue., June 9 or Thur., June 11. If you are unavailable to be home on either of these two days, but still want to get this work done at the discounted rate, please let them know who to contact to gain access to your home. Call early to get the spot that works best for your schedule. Thank you.